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Professional affordable digital marketing agency

Digital marketing ‘done-for-you’!
Engage with new clients.
Revolutionise your customer journey!

Finding it hard to curate engaging digital media.
Finding it hard to grow your online customers, and generate new leads.
Digital campaigns are just too complicated.

We can work as an extension of your team.
We can consult, train, or do.
We help manage grow, and scale, your online presence.
We’re a full agency covering all aspects of digital marketing.

Click the button, tell us your website, and we’ll tell you what we’d do if we were in your business.

Digital Marketing | Facebook | Advertising | PPC | Google Ads

A “Done for you” digital marketing agency.

We know how hard it can be to set habits of finding, curating and writing engaging content for your followers. A good mix of updates, and enticements for new customers and everything in between.

And we know you worry about cost.

Facebook experts, when to post, what to post, how to engage without being too salesy, but still wanting to connect with current and new clients.

Google experts, your awesome company deserves to be found by those who need you.

Ad experts and PPC specialists, to get you in front of new customers and audiences.

Graphics… videos… and everything else.

And you’ve not got the budget to hire a full time person, and you don’t think you’d have enough work for them anyway.

If any of this sounds like you, we are your perfect match.

The “Done for you” digital marketing agency means that we act like an extra member of your staff, but you get access to our entire team. Your new graphics are beautiful, your page reads like a perfect landing page, your website is optimised to convert, your ads are specific to your client type and land at the right time, when they’re considering their purchase, and about to buy.

We cost less than a part time employee.
We don’t take time off.

If this sounds like we should chat, get in touch. You can fill in the form and we’ll tell you what we’d help you do. No obligation, a quick review of your site and socials and we’ll tell you how we’d help if we worked with you.

Speed of Light Digital was originally formed when the founders noticed a lack of revenue centred digital agencies in the market. Many were too focused on ‘soft’ returns, metrics like followers, likes.

We knew that you could aggressively target scalable sales, revenue and profit even with a small digital footprint.

A few of us joined forces, named ourselves after the speed at which people scroll through media and started getting some great results for our clients.

We’ve only went from strength to strength.


What our clients say

Derek Watt
Oscars Restaurant & Premier Leisure Cinema

Speed Of Light Digital totally redefined how we market our business online. From re-developing our independent cinema website to allowing meal deals and vouchers to be sold online, right through to assisting us with a better approach to marketing Oscars Restaurant. The guys have made a massive difference to our online presence, and our bottom line. Our non-voucher revenue went up by 39% since they have been actively managing an engagement campaign to drive footfall through our doors.

Scott Mould
Cunninghame Housing Association
Marketing & Publications Manager

Our previous website was proving very difficult for service users and stakeholders to navigate. Speed Of Light Digital came in and worked with us to define the user journey and the business goals of the new project, whilst they delivered a modern user friendly business website.

Estate Agency
Owner & Managing Director

We asked Speed of Light to provide some training for our team on social media. Within 3 days our reach had doubled, our engagement trebled and we got the same amount of inbound leads from our social media channels than we had in the entire last month, and we had only started 2 of their strategies (they sent us off to plan 7!). Phenomenal.

Niche Wine Company
Marketing Manager

We asked Speed of Light for a review, asked them to implement it and watched our analytics. Slowly but surely our organic traffic increased, there were month on month increases, topping out after about 4-6 months at around 9% on average and topping 15% some months. Their business and growth ideas come from grade A business schools, this team are not your typical agency! And you’ll find they act like an extension of your team, interacting with a number of stakeholders in the business seamlessly.

Gillian Urquhart
Moira Anderson Foundation

Our organisation celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020, we decided to mark this special occasion by revamping our website. We were introduced to Speed of Light via a mutual contact, we’re so pleased that happened. The guys were so helpful and approachable throughout the whole process, nothing was a bother. We were delighted with the end result, we got exactly what we needed to take us forward into our next chapter.

We focus on your revenue,
return, and bottom line.

Speed of Light Digital are a social and digital marketing agency who concentrate on growing your business and providing digital marketing for small business.

We will lay down and implement digital strategies and processes that will increase your customer engagement, your clicks and website visits, and ultimately your sales and revenues.

We are relentless in looking at data from your digital marketing to know and understand your customers to tell us what works best, what doesn’t work and where you should best spend your marketing budgets.

Our laser-like focus has seen clients grow their customer bases from the “dozens” to the thousands, and growing businesses from one person businesses to medium sized offices.

We are experts in building hard-working websites and Search Engine Optimisation to get you found naturally and we are specialists in using digital marketing. Whether that is organic social techniques, or through paid Ads, from Google Ads to Facebook Ads, we know how to build engagement, curate customers, and make their experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Ask us what we would do for you and we’ll give you a brief marketing review – no cost and no obligation. You can take these ideas and try to implement them internally or you can use our expertise to supercharge your results.

As we say, a good campaign is built, a great campaign is refined.

When you’re ready, get in touch, and we’ll tell you what we’d do to help generate business, sales, leads and conversions for your company.

Here’s what we can help you with

Website Design & Development
Built with your customer in mind, our websites are high performing and hard working. They are lightning fast and they convert. Set up with SEO, Google and Facebook marketing in mind so they're ready when you are.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Our websites come with "on page" optimisation "out of the box" but if you need ongoing SEO work, or a touch up to an existing site we're here to help you dominate search engines and build organic website visitors
Social Media Ads
Facebook and Instagram Ads can be some of the most powerful ads in putting your business in front of new audiences. Team this with existing customers to create a strong campaign to grow your reach and business. Teamed together they're a formidable marketing tool.
Social Media Management
The first thing your customer might see. You need your social media managed and curated as the first point of contact for a sales conversation. We'll make sure all posts and advertising is engaging and works with your brand and we'll partner it with your landing pages, tracking codes and Ads to ensure you reach the right people.
Google Ads
Google Ads are great for putting your company in front of those already searching for what you do, but who may not know your company. You need to be ready for this. Fully optimised ads can be tailored to product, service and geography and can be inexpensive if run well. Our team not only have expertise on this, they worked *at* Google!
Conversion Rate Optimisation
CRO is the less well understood part of digital marketing. Basically, we work with what you have to optimise the entire journey - from reviewing your ads, marketing funnels, remarketing through to email lists, upsells and making the customer able to better find what they need on your website. CRO makes you earn more from refining what you already have.

Let us review your digital presence

Maybe you’re still not 100% what can be done online, or what you’re trying to get to, get in touch. Fill in the form and we’ll look over your digital business and we’ll tell you what we would do for you and where we think your business could improve. No obligation, so it could be a good start.

Drop your details below and we’ll review your online presence. We’ll tell you what we’d do for your site, and your socials, we’ll tell you if we think you should advertise, and where. And we’ll give you an idea of how much each part might be, if we took it on.

There’s no obligation and no fee. Just a friendly review to see how we think we can help you grow.

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Our most frequently asked questions

If you’ve got a business and you’re struggling with generating online interest, leads, sales, new customers we can help. We have a suite of experts, but we don’t act like a regular agency. We act like an extension of your team, we’ll interact with your team to coordinate marketing, ad campaigns and we’ll do your graphics. You’ll get to use our suite of experts and it will be cheaper than hiring one person who knows a little bit about a few things. We’ve got specialists in every departments, but you don’t need full time specialists in every department – just a few for an hour or two a week – that’s how we keep your cost down.

We’re a full agency, so we build websites, landing pages, your customer journey (i.e. how they progress from not being a client, to being a returning client), mailing list management and automation, facebook posts, social media adverts, Google PPC/Ads, and graphic design.

Digital marketing is pretty much everything your business does on the internet. The way it looks, the tone of voice used, the colours and most importantly, how you are viewed by the world. This then breaks down in to a few key things: Your website, how it resonates with your customers (look, feel, images, words); your Ads, paid with Google – the tone of voice used, urgency; or Facebook/Instagram Ads, again, how you sound, the creative and images you use.

It all relates to how you do business online and how your current and potential customers view you. If you’ve got a poor website, or bad ads, they’re just not going to bring people to your website, or make them buy from you – we’re experts in changing this for you.r dapibus leo.

Probably for the same reason you don’t do your own accounting, or plumbing. You know that trusting a team who do this day in, day out, is going to be more effective than asking on of your back office staff to do it.

We’ll provide you with a better understanding of online platforms, advertising structures, optimisation and we are always knowledgeable about current innovations. You wouldn’t ask your accountant to take on your social media duties for the same reason you wouldn’t ask us to do your accounting. We all have our specialisms, it just so happens that ours is funnelling new clients to your company to increase your revenue.

We pore over spreadsheets of information on your data given to us by your websites and socials so that we can make the best decisions to best spend your marketing and sales budgets without wasting it.

For starters, using professionals to build and organise your online presence and digital marketing will make your company look better all round. Your brand will be consistent, you will understand your customers better, you’ll have better information on how they navigate your website, or how they interact with your social media.

Overall you’ll look more professional and like a more trustworthy company and that in turn will lead more customers to your door.

This only depends on what you need. Websites are typically built as a single project but our marketing team work with you on an ongoing basis. If you think you need Facebook Ads, that’s a single cost, if you think you need Google Ads on top, that’s another, if you want us to manage your Facebook daily, that’s different too.

However, all of our costs come with the graphic design for social media platforms free!

Our typical client pays around $650/ £490/ €580 per month (and we can squeeze a lot in to that!)

This only depends on what you need. Websites are typically built as a single project but our marketing team work with you on an ongoing basis. If you think you need Facebook Ads, that’s a single cost, if you think you need Google Ads on top, that’s another, if you want us to manage your Facebook daily, that’s different too.

However, all of our costs come with the graphic design for social media platforms free!

Cool. Go spend.  But we will give you a free, no obligation, review of what you might want to try out and what we would do. If you want to go and DIY-it that works for us too. The main reasons that we’ll do better though, we do this every day. We post, we schedule ads, we curate stories, we build customer journeys and we refine and work with individual companies to keep making it better.

Getting new customers isn’t just about “clicking boost” on a Facebook and wondering why it isn’t working, there is a journey the customers go on to bring them as warm, willing buyers, then a second journey to help you maximise their spend at your door. That’s why we do it.