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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best things you can do to make sure Google and other search engines correctly categorise your site, meaning a better quality of visitor will click through, to the right pages, at the right time.

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Search engine optimisation, shortened to SEO, is one of the less well understood “dark arts” of digital marketing.

There are ways to set up your site, the first is for the reader – make it engaging, make it flow, have well written and structured content. This all makes sense as a human has to read your site to get what they need. But there is also the “back end” of the website, the meta-tags, the image text, the geolocations. All of the working cogs of the website that can easily be forgotten or swept under the carpet if you use a developer and designer of websites that don’t know, understand or care enough to include it in the first place.

All of our websites take SEO seriously, but if yours has fallen by the wayside then we can work with you to get it right.

SEO lets search engines, like Google, understand what your website and business is all about. It makes sure that the correct images are well tagged, we focus on making every page better.

Good SEO will vastly improve your sites visibility and overall performance. As well as tagging we’ll also focus on things like load time, page speed, click through rates and time users spend on your pages – all of these metrics are considered by search engines to determine how your site is serving Googles search community.

Above all this, we understand that SEO is not only about being more visible for you, it is about building a long lasting strategy that will keep your site, and business, visible on Google, rank higher than others, and contribute to a lasting sustainable marketing strategy.

Speed of Light Digital was originally formed when the founders noticed a lack of revenue centred digital agencies in the market. Many were too focused on ‘soft’ metrics like followers, likes, and how pretty the website is.

We knew that you could aggressively target scalable sales, revenue and profit even with a small digital footprint.

A few of us joined forces, named ourselves “Speed of Light Digital” (after the rate at which people scroll through media) and started getting some great results for our clients.

We’ve only went from strength to strength. Why don’t we show you?



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Our strategy and project plan

Our Google Ads Roadmap

Creating great content
SEO is also about listening to the internet and determining where you fit in to the worlds questions. To get those answers you need well written, web-optimised text. This helps your website "rank" with search engines. We can help create all kinds of content and make sure your blog and articles are correctly tagged for Google and others to pick up on.
Keyword research
Our team will find out what you're already being found for, finding out what phrases people are looking at and at what stage in their journey they are. We'll create a list that we can use when working on your business and trying to increase your visibility.
On-page SEO
Your on page is the easiest place to start. We'll check every page on your site for the ability to optimise the user-experience, meta-data, linking and on page keywords. This means that search engines can better understand your pages, your overall site and the structure making it easier understood for all visitors.

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