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Social media is the first point of contact for your business, if you’ve got it in the hands of interns you could be missing out on sales, leads and opportunities for your business.

We use innovative techniques to engage with your existing and potential customers to open leads, close sales and follow up automatically – all using simple sales strategies to increase your sales, revenues and customer numbers.

Social Media Management | Digital Marketing


We’ve been in businesses where social media is an afterthought. Something that they believe they ‘probably should do’. They’ve left it to interns or someone who isn’t really interested, they’ve left it as an add-on to someones job who doesn’t really want to do it. And their social has suffered for it.

Your social media is the first thing a client sees. it should be professional and engaging, it should reach out and connect with them. It should be treated as a professional skill, much like an accountant, or your best sales teams.

Your social media is a sales tool that shouldn’t be squandered so flippantly.

It should be managed, it should be planned. It should be professionally written, creatively produced, curated and loved. It doesn’t have to sell every time, but it should speak to the viewer.

It should have graphics to make it stand out, website links to find out more, lead capture abilities to further your opportunities and your social media should follow someone around the web.

People might buy you on the first occasion, but they’re more likely to want to get to know you – and that isn’t done in one single social media post.

Look to us to take care of it, to turn your business in to beautiful stories that connect with an audience you didn’t even know you had.

Speed of Light Digital was originally formed when the founders noticed a lack of revenue centred digital agencies in the market. Many were too focused on ‘soft’ returns, metrics like followers, likes.

We knew that you could aggressively target scalable sales, revenue and profit even with a small digital footprint.

A few of us joined forces, named ourselves after the rate at which people scroll through media and started getting some great results for our clients.

We’ve only went from strength to strength.



We are a full service agency, we can tailor a package to exactly what you need but if you’re looking for a great product to get started with then choose one of our social media packages from below.

Managed Social
£197 Per month
Engaging social posts
All text professionally written
Links curated
Graphic design included
Analytics tracked
Monthly reports
Landing pages optimised
Ads and Leads
£445 Per month
Engaging social posts
All text professionally written
Links curated
Graphic design included
Analytics tracked
Monthly reports
Landing pages optimised
One entire Google or Facebook Ad campaign fully managed
Audiences, Keywords constructed
Refined & optimised monthly
Built for you
Fits your budget
Website builds or refresh
Social media managed
Organic posts
Facebook Ads managed & optimised
Google Ads professionally written
Pages optimised for conversion
Monthly reports
Mix and match what you need

What our clients say

Derek Watt
Oscars Restaurant & Premier Leisure Cinema

Speed Of Light Digital totally redefined how we market our business online. From re-developing our independent cinema website to allowing meal deals and vouchers to be sold online, right through to assisting us with a better approach to marketing Oscars Restaurant.

The guys have made a massive difference to our online presence, and our bottom line. Our non-voucher revenue went up by 39% since they have been actively managing an engagement campaign to drive footfall through our doors.

We’ve always had a good offering, but getting that social ‘voice’ to connect with our customers was hard. We don’t have that expertise in house, and we didn’t have enough work to justify hiring a full time person so what Speed of Light does works perfect for us.

With us, they act like an additional person on our team. They check in with us regularly, have a monthly catch up and keep our management and staff abreast of what they’re doing. Then they check in with our cinema team to make sure the new releases are on the website, up to date, correct details/times etc.

Their approach to our business made us feel like they treated it like it was their business. Their knowledge and experience has been our success in the last few years!

Faces-400x400px-1_1_30 (Demo)
Scott Mould
Cunninghame Housing Association
Marketing & Publications Manager

Our previous website was proving very difficult for service users and stakeholders to navigate. Speed Of Light Digital came in and worked with us to define the user journey and the business goals of the new project and delivered a modern user friendly business website.

Estate Agency
Owner & Managing Director

We asked Speed of Light to lay down some training for our team on social media. Within 3 days our reach had doubled, our engagement trebled and we got the same amount of inbound leads from our social media channels than we had in the entire last month, and we had only started 2 of their strategies (they sent us off to plan 7!). Phenomenal.

Succinct and straight to the point. “These strategies are tried and tested”.
They were. And they worked.

Even the biggest believer in our team didn’t expect to see the numbers coming through as they did. We got the first lead before they had left – simply by asking our audience for that engagement. I’m pretty sure the boss said a swear word under her voice when we told her. We work in a high margin industry too, so the few days of training that Speed of Light gave us was paid for within the week.

We’ve used the team again to train new people that come on, and to occasionally give refreshers to the team on what’s happening in social media world and to keep us up to date with new developments.

I’ve already said it but PHENOMENAL. You can’t afford to not call them.

Niche Wine Company
Marketing Manager

Our site was languishing as our team didn’t know how to best exploit SEO. It had been set up in a hurry by a friend of one of the owners.

We asked Speed of Light for a review, asked them to implement it and watched our analytics. Slowly but surely our organic traffic increased, there were month on month increases, topping out after about 4-6 months at around 9% on average and topping 15% some months.

The team were much quicker than I expected them to be, and certainly not as expensive as some agencies that we had quoting for the work.

We’ve continued to work with them for quarterly reviews on what we’re doing and what steps to take to keep ahead of the game and their suggestions are great.

Their business and growth ideas come from grade A business schools, this team are not your typical agency! And you’ll find they act like an extension of your team, interacting with a number of stakeholders in the business seamlessly.


Website Design & Development
Built with your customer in mind, our websites are high performing and hard working. They are lightning fast and they convert. Set up with SEO, Google and Facebook marketing in mind so they're ready when you are.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Our websites come with "on page" optimisation "out of the box" but if you need ongoing SEO work, or a touch up to an existing site we're here to help you dominate search engines and build organic website visitors
Social Media Ads
Facebook Ads can be some of the most powerful ads in putting your business in front of new audiences. Team this with existing customers to create a strong campaign to grow your reach and business. Team this with Instagram for a wide reaching campaign.
Social Media Management
The first thing your customer might see. You need your social media managed and curated as the first point of contact for a sales conversation. We'll make sure all posts and advertising is engaging and works with your brand and we'll partner it with your landing pages, tracking codes and Ads to ensure you reach the right people.
Google Ads
Google Ads are great for putting your company in front of those already searching for what you do, but who may not know your company. You need to be ready for this. Fully optimised ads can be tailored to product, service and geography and can be inexpensive if run well. Our team not only have expertise on this, they worked *at* Google!
Conversion Rate Optimisation
CRO is the less well understood part of digital marketing. Basically, we work with what you have to optimise the entire journey - from reviewing your ads, marketing funnels, remarketing through to email lists, upsells and making the customer able to better find what they need on your website. CRO makes you earn more from refining what you already have.

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