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Ignite your social media on our free 5 day social media challenge

Stuck with your social media? Get unstuck with our five day social media challenge.

A challenge designed to ignite your social presence

If you’ve been stuck with your social media, not sure how to get off the ground, or just found that your growth has slowed then this is for you.

If your inspiration has been lacking lately, we’ve designed a 5 day social media challenge to supercharge how you feel around social and give you new ideas.

The 5 day challenge starts on January 15th 2024

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We will help you:

get more out of your edits (day 1)
understand some of the strange nuances of social media (day 2)
get more clicks guaranteed (day 2)
get unstuck with your graphic templates (day 3)
inspire and create new ideas (day 3)
grow laterally by sharing audiences (day 4)
find collaboration partners (day 4)
help you to create free courses to improve the quality of your audiences
Digital Marketing Training

Be the digital hero your company needs!

Sign up for our 5-Day Challenge today and we’ll equip you with the tools to create impactful, goal-driven digital campaigns.

Digital Marketing Training

Who is this for?

You're an entrepreneur needing some ideas?
You're feeling social fatigue - and find it hard to continue to create new content
You work for a small company and feel like everything is on you
You work for a big company but your department is small (or only you!)
Digital Marketing Training

How it works.

The Challenges:
Daily challenges for 5 days. There won't be anything here you can't do, but doing it in this way will make you realise you have an internal, untapped power to create.
The Lessons:
There's things you've always noticed, but with the challenges, we'll show you ways to overcome a lot of your daily struggles related to content creation.
The Community:
You're not alone! This community are going through the same daily difficulties that you are, share your experience, find support, get instant feedback on your plans (from us and the community)

Take our 5 Day Challenge and power up your marketing skills for 2024!

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