What we’ve done in Finance

Facebook Ads

We started managing the Facebook page for this investment and pension company in late 2020.

“We just didn’t have enough people to cope with managing outreach, and we found it hard to justify an entire new employee”. said Joe, the director and owner. So they brought us in as an agency to manage the day to day posting on social, and new facebook ads campaign.

Their first new enquiry came in four hours. They thought it would take weeks to get something out of it but they had their first new client sitting in the office within a week. We told Joe that, thought this wasn’t common, it wasn’t uncommon.

We implemented a number of advert targeting strategies so that we could catch clients at all different levels of interest – were they simply shopping around, or were they ready to make decisions? Our campaign showed different people different messages depending on their position in the sales funnel.

Their first month they doubled the number of enquiries from the previous month and their total new enquiries just from ads had tripled by month 4, so much so, we now have to manage them and switch them on and off due to what the team can squeeze in to their diaries.

What we done

  • Managed Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Daily organic Facebook posts, outreach and engagement
  • Website conversion optimisation
  • Lead collection

Their results

  • 100% increase in leads in Month 1
  • First new client meeting in a week
  • Tripled lead generation by month 4
  • IFA diaries booked up with new leads

“They made it seem so simple, and nothing was a bother”
“They have a background in finance, so they understand the need for compliance”

Web Development & emails

David was always annoyed he didn’t convey the right professional attitude because he had a ‘@btconnect’ email address and a website that looked dated.

We spoke to David about how web tech had improved in the last 5-10 years and gave him some good ideas on how to change his site – he was impressed enough to ask us to rebuild it.

As well as making sure the website was completely optimised for speed (every second counts when a client is loading this from their mobile!) we had to make sure the code behind it told Google and other search engines exactly what the site was, what the company done, and where they serviced. This, called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is what modern websites need to make sure they rank high on organic searches – and most websites 5+ years old, aren’t appearing in search results because they are lacking this information.

We redesigned the user experience for the company to make sure clients could easily find what they needed, we improved the imagery and the fonts to ensure they were consistent with the company brand and were similar across all their media.

On top of this, we changed the company email addresses – no longer did 3 people share a generic email address and add their name to another ‘btconnect’ email address – we had them all moved on to email services run by Google so they also got a lot of free cloud storage which they could also then securely share documents with clients direct from their new email addresses – and they integrated with other software they currently used.

The team said that they have now started to receive business requests through their website because it was easier for clients to do that on a form, and that the client ‘type’ has improved – something they think is down to having a more professional, modern online presence.

We even threw in updated graphics for their social media channels so they had consistent branding throughout.

What we done

  • Restyled the website
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation – making it easier to get client info/leads
  • New professional email addresses

Their results

  • Started to get new enquiries from their website (which they never had before)
  • Client ‘type’ improved, higher status, larger investments
  • Provided a streamlined, professional, look – consistent branding, from emails, and website, to socials

“The most surprising thing was that it didn’t cost anywhere near what we expected, and it was completed so quickly!”